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A wedding can mean a whole lot of enthusiasm and excitement and it has never cease to amaze me every time i step into one! I have always returned with a smug satisfaction that i had those priceless memories frozen in time. Photography is something which i have traveled with since birth, but never realized that the impact that it has made was lying deep inside my soul. When i completed my M.Sc IT and got along with an IT job, i started realizing that it didn't serve the thirst of my soul. When i eventually did come to terms though , i decided not to be just another wedding photographer but the best, just like my father and brother !

Life took a whole new turn , with me stepping into the new world of art, imagination and creativity. I followed it not only with desire but also with passion, choosing to learn from the world renowned photographer, Mr.Mohammaed Iqbal at the reputed Life and Light academy, Ooty post which i spent an year of training with the Award winning photographer Tarun Solanki. These learning years of my life helped me in discovering and evolving into a personalized version of wedding photographer.

I'm quite confident about my technical skills of lighting with which i add a flavour of fashion, thereby giving the very essence of style and romance in every pre and post wedding shoots where the results never failed to impress my clients.Every word of appreciation from my clients reminds me of my Guru, my Dad, who quotes his sons often that 'Sincerity and Hard-work never fails' and yes dad , following your words and with all your blessings, my success is never far!